Pixop offers a lot of processing filters and settings, so we recommend creating a preview to test different combinations out before processing your footage. Previews are free.

Simply choose your settings and click the preview button (instead of the process button) in the process tool to create a preview up to ten seconds in length.

GIF demonstrating how to create a preview in Pixop.

After the preview has been created, you can compare it with the original footage — or other previews, if you've created any — to evaluate.

You can even share the preview by clicking the 'share comparison' button, which copies the URL to your clipboard.

GIF demonstrating how to share a preview in Pixop.

Once you're satisfied, you can use those settings to process a video.

Please note:

By default, the first ten seconds of the original footage will be used to create the preview. Previews cannot be longer than ten seconds. You can, however, create a shorter preview by trimming your video or specifying a different end time.

GIF Demonstrating how to use Pixop's trim tool.

If you're a pro user, you can create as many previews as you'd like. In fact, we recommend you create more than one to test different environments in your footage (indoor versus outdoor shots, for example).

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P.S. If you run into difficulties or need help, please reach out to us here or at help@pixop.com — we're always willing to lend an ear 👂

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