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Comparing Footage
Comparing Footage

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Now that you've finished processing your file, Pixop makes it easy to compare the original and enhanced versions. Just select the two clips you want to compare and press 'Compare'.

GIF demonstrating how to compare footage on Pixop.

You then have two options you can switch between:

Image compare

This feature allows you to compare 20 full video frames directly in your browser. Image comparison also makes it easier for you to see exactly what the result will look like.

GIF demonstrating Pixop's image compare feature.

Video compare

Pixop also has a video compare feature, where you can compare both the original and enhanced footage in real time. Just press the 'video compare' button to switch!

GIF demonstrating Pixop's video compare feature.

Share the comparison πŸ“©

Need input from colleagues? Share the comparison! Just click the 'share comparison' button to copy the URL to your clipboard and send it onwards!

GIF demonstrating how to share a comparison.

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