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Adding payment information
Adding payment information

You'll need to add this information to start using all of Pixop's features πŸ’°

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If you want to gain access to all of Pixop's features (and most importantly, be able to process footage using our filters), you'll need to add a valid payment method to your account.
Here's how to add the information from your dashboard:
Click on My Account (your initials in the top right-hand corner) > Billing then fill in all the necessary details.

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You'll now be able to upload and download videos. You'll also be able to process full-length videos and make clips for testing filters and settings combinations by buying processing credits in-app.

Please note that users are billed for storage and downloads whenever their outstanding balance reaches $10 or more.

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P.S. If you run into difficulties or have any questions, please reach out to us here or at β€” happy to help πŸ€“

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