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Here's everything you need to know about how β€” and how much β€” you'll be charged for our service πŸ’³

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Pricing breakdown πŸ“

With Pixop, you ONLY pay for what you use in processing, storage, and downloads. No recurring subscription fees, no hidden costs, and full transparency.

On sign up πŸ—“οΈ

All users who sign up have up to 14 days to look around in the app to get familiar with it and decide whether they want to continue as Pixop users. During this time, you have access to a limited number of features, but will not be able to upload, download or process videos.

If you decide to continue, you will have to add your payment information within 14 days, otherwise, your account will automatically be deleted.

If you have bulk processing needs and want access to our REST API, please get in touch for our enterprise options.

Processing βš™οΈ

Once you have added your payment information, you have to purchase processing credits in the app before you can process videos. The minimum purchase is $10 processing credits are generally non-refundable.

Processing Clips or Videos: When clicking the 'process' button, Pixop automatically calculates an estimate for the job and prompts you to buy more processing credits if you don’t have enough.

We have an interactive price calculator so you can get a general idea of prices. We also have a breakdown of filter and encoder pricing.

Storage and downloads πŸ’Ύ

You also pay for utilities, which include storage and downloads.

We run a weekly check on all accounts and charge your card as soon as you spend more than $9.99 (excluding VAT) on storage and downloads.

We do this so you don't accidentally rack up huge bills and can keep an eye on your spending. AWS rates are passed on directly without any extra charges. If you want to keep bills for storage at a minimum, remember to delete all videos and clips that aren't in use.

Check out our interactive calculator to get a general idea of prices.

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P.S. If you run into difficulties or have any questions, please reach out to us here or at help@pixop.com β€” happy to help πŸ€“


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