Once you've uploaded your footage and gotten a look at the quality analysis, you're ready to process your video!

For free users: Since free users are limited to 10 second previews, they will only be able to click the 'preview' button and all output will be watermarked.

For pro users: click the process button to enter the process tool. Here, you can choose your parameters, including which filters, bitrate and chroma subsampling you want. You can also use our handy trim tool to trim your footage.

Once you click 'process', you will be prompted to purchase processing credits to cover the cost of processing. Pixop automatically calculates how many processing credits you need by running a check on how many you have in your balance and how many extra you'll need (if any) to complete processing. Pictured below:

You can then use the processing credits dialogue box to buy the necessary credits:

And go right back to processing your video!

You can also set presets — learn more about that here.

. . .

P.S. If you run into difficulties or need help, please reach out to us here or at help@pixop.com — we're always willing to lend an ear 👂

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