Determining what quality you're working with is critical to get a better idea of the processing results you can expect.

The first sign to look out for is a 'low quality' label. You may not get the results you're hoping for if this happens.

GIF demonstrating where to find the video quality label on Pixop.

For a more in-depth view, Pixop automatically generates a detailed quality report once your footage has been uploaded. It does this by taking a hundred full frames from the video and evaluating three metrics: noise, details and colors. The higher your video scores, the better!

All you have to do is click on your video to view it 👇

GIF demonstrating where to find the quality analysis on Pixop.

Here's what the three metrics mean:

Noise: The amount of Gaussian noise on average in those frames

Details: The number of luminance details due to texture, edges, etc.

Colors: The number of color details due to texture, edges, etc.

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